The Roots Merchant is a vinyl pressing service with access to plants within the UK & also the EU, using only the best suppliers for the Masters, lacquers, metalwork, centre labels and the industry-standard vinyl PVC compound.

✔ We offer a 5-7 week turn around start to finish!

✔ 2-3 weeks for TP’s and then 3-4 weeks for your final records.

✔ We currently offer 7'', 10'' & 12'' Black & Colour vinyl

✔ Full artwork sleeves, PVC bags & bespoke gatefold designs are available
Established in early 2019 The Roots Merchant has attracted a diverse
customer base who already appreciate our quick, smooth & professional
turnaround and competitive pricing.

The Roots Merchant distribute records to a worldwide network of shops and sub distributors, If you have not spotted.. we also have a shop which sells our in house labels! see the 'shop' tab in the top menu to visit the store!

All In Prices Starting From!

(Including shipping to one UK address)

100 x 12'' Prices From £800 (INCL VAT)
200 x 12'' Prices From £936 (INCL VAT)
300 x 12'' Prices From £1003 (INCL VAT)

100 x 7'' Prices From £740 (INCL VAT)
200 x 7'' Prices From £830 (INCL VAT)
300 x 7'' Prices From £859 (INCL VAT)

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Looking For Distribution?

The Roots Merchant offers worldwide vinyl distribution to stores, specialising in Jungle, Drum & Bass & Bass music

Check out our current roster of labels onboard below !

If you are interested, we will need to hear what you would like help with so please send us a message via the contact form.